Why I Started a Blog ?

I can’t contain my excitement writing the first sentence of my blog. This blog will be a creative outlet to share some actionable, concrete steps. It will guide you to capture your style whether in your home , your wardrobe or your everyday habits. Over the years I’ve discovered that I have the ability to break down abstract subjects and skills to simple steps. It started with things that I knew well, like fashion and putting together functional wardrobes. Then it expanded to home decor when I decided to transform my living room. Next,  I started focusing on goals and controlling habits. There was one common theme, I could always summarize what I did into 10 or less steps. These steps are very easy to follow and can be used every time to achieve similar results for family and friends.

So I decided to share what I know with as many people as possible hoping to get that feeling of fulfilment that comes with helping others. I had my reservations and fears of course , putting your ideas out there for the world to criticize is not a comfortable thing to do. However, almost everything that is worth doing is scary and highly rewarding all at the same time. So here I am putting the ideas , tips and tricks that worked for me out there. I am ready for your criticism, feedback and I am hoping to help at least one of you.