Things I’ve been enjoying

This page is a space where I will share with you things I have been enjoying this spring season, whether fashion related or otherwise. I love and use each one of these products and for the most part I got introduced to them through other people’s recommendations. So I thought I would do the same for you and share them with you. Things don’t bring happiness , but I am hoping that sharing and experiencing some of these things in the company of the people you love will bring you good memories and brighten up your day. All images are linked to the website where you can purchase the product.



June 2017


In love with these coveralls from gap so much , they are my go to. They’re comfortable and versatile. I’ve worn them to everything from a summer bbq to lunch date to a casual afternoon walk.











Sea you soon shirt

This shirt is my one and only graphic tee , it is from RW&Co . I love how light and breezy it is and I like the detail on the bottom with the sheer edge. I can get away with wearing it to the office with a blazer and casually with shorts. It washes really well and is a low maintenance top in general.











Saje rose mist

I am obsessed with this mist from Saje , I really enjoy using it before bed. It smells like wet rose petals and the consistency is like mineral water. I feel like it open up my pores , so after it dries I put on my night cream to get the maximum benefit.












Aroma cloud diffuser

Another item from Saje. I use this diffuser every night to turn down my senses and get ready for sleep. The scent instantly relaxes me and using the allergy release essential oil definitely helps. This is one of my techniques to destress, if you are interested to see the other distressing tips visit this post.




Vanilla hazelnut coffee

Needless to say I can’t start my day without a coffee. Flavoured coffee is my favourite , but I don’t like flavouring syrups. This coffee from Van Houtte is flavoured but not sweet and it smells incredible!





Dry sparkling water

This water from dry sparkling has been my savour when I crave sweet drinks but don’t want to consume much sugar. The vanilla bean flavour is the sweetest one I tried and the cucumber flavoured one is great with gin. I just found out there is a watermelon flavour , I can’t wait to get my hands on it !





Hello fresh

It has been great having this service , it takes the pressure off cooking at home. This service from Hello Fresh  is a food service , where the you receive the ingredients for each recipe pre-prepared. All you have to do is follow the instructions in the associated booklet to make the meal. I love the fact that I don’t have to plan or shop for meals anymore.





May 2017



Ice Tea Pitcher

I love this ice tea pitcher from David’s Tea. I make one pitcher every two days and it improved my water intake dramatically. This is the perfect option when you’re craving a juice or refreshing drink but without the caffeine or the sugar. The pitcher is very well designed you put the loose leaf tea in the insert you see on the left of the pitcher, attach it to the lid and then add some hot water a third of the way. after the tea brews you remove the insert and top up with ice and replace the lid. The insert comes apart and is very easy to clean. Can you tell I love this pitcher 🙂

P.S my favourite ice tea flavour is Melon Cooler , also from David’s tea






Ice Coffee

What can I say about this other than …. it blew my mind. Coffee that brews in cold water, it makes one pitcher at a time and tastes so good. If you love coffee , you must try this.







Denim Shorts

I have been living in these shorts since I bought them. I love that they are denim , a soft material and super comfortable. They have a retro feel to them , and they look very cute with a stripped t-shirt and a pair of converse like shoes.













Nike Trainers

When I was in London last month I got super excited to see everything , so I walked 15 Km in one day. I was wearing pretty flats that were not very supportive. I strained a tendon in my foot and it swelled up it was painful to walk. My foot didn’t heal very fast, a week after I got back it was still hurting. I quickly realized that I needed to find shoes that are supportive , flexible and will contain the swelling in my foot comfortably. That’s when I stumbled on the Nike Free RN flyknit 4.0 and they quickly became my favourite trainers. They feel like a sock on the top , very comfortable and easy to slip on. The bottom is cushioned to give support but also sliced into little sections to allow for flexibility.





Canada T-shirt

This t-shirt is a gift from a close friend and is made by a Canadian company. The company was founded by a 95 year old man wanting to spread happiness and subtle pride in being Canadian. So you can see why this shirt is dear to my heart. I love the message on the shirt , the quality of the shirt and the story behind it. If that’s not enough , 10% of the net proceeds go to Tans Canada trail, a non-profit that works with donors to create the great trail.