5 tips to transition your wardrobe into the fall season


If you are as excited for fall as I am, chances are you can’t wait to get into your sweaters and jackets. The problem is,  it is still warm out and every time you put on a fall outfit you end up sweating your butt off. So what’s the secret to transitioning your wardrobe into fall colours without looking too eager for red and orange leaves? Here are the style secrets I have discovered over the years

wear the fall colors but in lighter fabrics 

My favourite fall colour is burgundy and I wear it every fall paired with a lighter colour. This year the colours are blush pink and burgundy. So as soon as I start to get excited for fall I pull out a few lighter knit tops in burgundy and I pair them with my darker denim. The color of the top adds the fall feel without making me suffer the heat. This top later serves as a great layering piece under a jacket or blazer. To keep the outfit from getting too dark I use lighter accessories. This time around I picked the blush pink in the bag and shoes.

Introduce fall colors in your accessories 

As it starts to get cooler outside I replace the lighter coloured accessories for the Burgundy ones. This gives the outfit more of a fall feel. If you only wear the burgundy accessories with a lighter top , the accessories act as subtle fall accents. Wearing fall coloured accessories is the perfect way to add that accent without overwhelming the outfit.

go with dark florals 

floral patterns are not exclusive to spring. Florals with a dark background look beautiful in the fall and winter seasons. A floral could add pattern to the outfit and make it look more interesting. I made a video all about how to put interesting outfits together , to watch it click here.

In this case I introduced the dark floral pattern in the scarf to frame my face. I repeated the blush pink accent that’s in the shoes and bag in the scarf as well to give the outfit continuity.

introduce fall colors into your beauty world 

Fall is such an exciting time for beauty launches. There are many products out there that will help you achieve that fall kissed look. You could introduce the right shades of red, burgundy , emerald green , royal blues into your eyeshadows and lipsticks. Not to mention your nail polish and hair colour. In this case I added a little colour in my eye shadow and lips , I also painted my nails in a burgundy shade. I stopped dying my hair and let my natural red and copper tones come through.

add light layers

When it gets chilly outside add a light layer . A leather jacket , denim jacket or even a cape are great options to keep you warm and stylish at the same time. Please let me know if you found these tips helpful and if you have any other tips that you would like to share. Can’t wait to hear from you in the comments. Have an a great day , until next time 🙂