What I wore on holidays

Its been a while since I got back from my holidays but I decided to put up this post anyway. I hope that it will help you and give you some ideas on what to wear on a holiday to a hot place. I went away to Malta and Amsterdam at the end of August. The weather in Malta was on average 30C and in Amsterdam around 25C.

Black and white 

This was our second day in Malta , we were about to leave the hotel and go exploring along the shore line. We also planned to stop for dinner at some point. So I needed an outfit that was appropriate for a casual dinner but still comfortable for a little exploring. The black and white combination is a classic that I go back to time and again.

I usually wear a white top, it contrasts nicely against my tanned skin. I paired it with a looser pleated skirt , it is flowy and comfortable but stylish at the same time. The white flats allow me to walk comfortably but also to keep the outfit light. The laser cut pattern in the top contrasts nicely against the pleats in the skirt. The shoes also have some laser cut pattern to continue that theme.

Ultimate comfort 

On this day we were out on a full day adventure exploring Madina and Valleta. So I was dressed for ultimate comfort. Nike flyknits gave me the support that I need for the 25,000 steps we walked that day. My hat protected me from the scorching sun at 35C. Looser clothing to accommodate the heat. My backpack where I had a ton of sunscreen and water. Despite the need for comfort I tried to keep the outfit as stylish as possible.

Happy hour

This picture was snapped by the rooftop pool in our hotel. After checking out the incredible sunset we headed to the hotel lobby for happy hour. This outfit was casual yet unique, especially when I added this necklace. The colours and patterns in the outfit came together to give a cool summer vibe that contrasted nicely against my skin tone. Adding chunky accessories gives the outfit a bold Mediterranean feel that goes well with the setting.

Azzure Window

This day was so hot and I just couldn’t wait to jump in the water. So I wore my swimsuit underneath my clothes and when we got to the once Azzure window I busted out this wrap. It is a rectangular wrap that I wrapped around my neck to get this look. It kept me cool , I was ready to go swimming at a moments notice. This wrap is possibly the oldest piece of clothing that I own and I have been using it for over 15 years.

The Cruise 

On this day we ventured out on a cruise to get a view of Malta from the sea. It was another hot day so I decided to wear my one piece and layer a pair of shorts on top. Very easy change into a swimsuit , I was in the water swimming as soon as we got back from this cruise. I love the embellishments on the sides of the swimsuit and the high neck. The cut of the swimsuit is very flattering and slimming.



After Malta we stopped in Amsterdam for a few days before heading home. Amsterdam wasn’t quiet as hot but it was still warm. This was our first day in Amsterdam we were strolling the city and exploring. I wanted to keep my outfit comfortable and casual but interesting. So I went for a patterned top in a flattering cut and repeated the blue colour in the top in my shoes as well.