How to dress for the cottage ?

If you are a city girl and you don’t have many casual clothes in your closet, I hear you. Going to the cottage is not a part of my usual summer routine. My family doesn’t own one and I don’t have an annual trip planned. I am lucky enough, though, to make it out to a cottage at least once every summer. Every time, I feel stumped standing in front of my closet deciding what to wear. I don’t want to seem like a poo poo city girl and I want to be comfortable. So, over the years I have a few items that I default to. This post is a quick guide that will help you use items that already exist in your wardrobe for that cottage life.

Go Sporty

If you don’t have clothes that are casual enough for the occasion and you still want to be comfortable, default to workout gear; workout gear in basic or solid colours for the most part. I try to stay away from patterns especially in the leggings and shorts.The typical combination would be grey leggings , a bright top, a black sports bra and of course my Nike trainers. These trainers are honestly the best ones I’ve ever owned. They are so comfortable, flexible and breathable. They were featured in my favourites, to see the rest of my favourites click here.


Denim All Around

Pull out all the denim bottoms – jeans , denim shorts , denim coveralls. Try to stick to the blue washes rather than the blacks, whites or greys. The lighter the wash the better; the denim will look more casual and lived in. Go for looser fits for comfort; avoid your skinny jeans. Pair your jeans with lightweight simple t-shirts. I even managed to pull off the sports bra with the coveralls on my last cottage getaway.


Shorts All Day

Shorts are key especially if the sun is sizzling. Although swimming is fun , I don’t like being in a wet swimsuit all day. That’s where shorts come in handy, whether denim, workout or any simple solid coloured shorts. They are a good option to change into for a dry comfortable outfit. Stay away from linen and stiff materials, opt for the looser fit relaxed look.


Swim Swim Swim

The all-exciting swimsuit. Whether you are just sunbathing or swimming a couple of swimsuits will come in handy. This way you’ll always have a fresh one while the other one is drying off in the sun. I like to make sure that the tops and and bottoms on both swimsuits are interchangeable if possible. That way I have 4 options instead of 2.


Trainers: for walks and quick hikes

Sneakers: for the drive in and the drive home, could be substituted with trainers

Flip Flops or sandals

No heels of any kind

These might seem trivial for some of you but for someone that’s never been to a cottage or doesn’t know what to expect this post could be very helpful. That’s all I had for this post – I hope you found it helpful and that you gained a little bit of an insight into my city dressing. If you have any other tips that you think would be helpful, please feel free to share them below. Until next time 🙂