7 Helpful Home Decor Tips

Our environment affects us more than we know , especially at home. It is important to have a home environment that relaxes you, inspires you and comforts you. I resort to home decor and furnishings to create a certain mood or vibe and to bring the outdoors in. I tend to bring in elements of each season into my home decor to create a feeling of continuity with the atmosphere at that time of year. Here are some of the tips that help me reach the mood or vibe I am aiming for. Please forgive the tape on the furniture, we are still in the process of training our cat to stop picking at the couches.

Neutral Canvas

For your bigger anchor pieces of furniture pick a neutral colour. Items like your couch , arm chairs, coffee table are not things you can afford to replace very often. Pick these items in a neutral colour and a classic design to be able to create the perfect backdrop for any pop of colour. As you can see I picked neutral whites and greys with some industrial glass and brushed metal accents.


Go Pinning

Figure out the vibe or mood you would like the room to give off. Google or Pinterest the vibes you are looking for and then add the room you are looking to decorate. For example you could search something like oasis retreat bedroom , tropical living room, etc…. Save or pin the images  that catch your eye. Once you have a good number of images , examine them for patterns. You will surprise yourself by subconsciously picking the same design elements. For example after doing the exercise this season I realized that I was picking all the living space that had a lot of plants and greenery. So I knew that one of the elements in the room would be plants or greenery of some sort. I had to use fake plants since our cat “little Juno” would eat them otherwise.


Choose your colours

After figuring to out the elements I wanted to introduce , I started thinking about colours. Given the greenery , I knew green would be one of the colours. Looking out the window in our living room I saw the combination of blue and green in nature with the blue skies and the green trees and decided to bring that feel of nature into the room. So I landed on green and blue. Think of a place that gives you the same feeling you are trying to convey in your home decor. Think of the colours there, think of the colours you naturally are drawn to and the colours that show up most frequently in the images you picked. Pick two colour that complement each other and keep them in mind when you pick your home decor pieces

Pick the spot

Too much decor can make the room feel overwhelming , but too little can also make it feel bland. Figure out where you would like to put your decor pieces before you go shopping. How large or small would you like them to be ? How many in each spot or corner? You could move things around experiment with what you already have and then fill in the blanks.

Make a list

Always make a list no matter what you are shopping for. Wondering into stores without a clear vision will drive you to spend your money on random items that don’t go together. Your list doesn’t have to be mega specific or set in stone but it will give you a guideline. For example, my list looked something like this :

  • middle of coffee table : low vase with greenery and mirror tray
  • Cushions: some white , some navy and sky blue
  • Dinning table: aqua blue and grassy green flowery centre piece ……


Balance is the key for making everything work together. The three main things to watch out for are the amount of colour added , the textures and patterns and the size of the pieces relative to each other and the room. For colour you need to have colourful piece of decoration complemented by a neutral piece to keep things balanced. For example that cushion multiple shades of blue is balanced out by the neutral silver / grey cushion on the couch.

In terms of pattern and texture its the same story the navy and white pattern cushion is balanced out by the navy cushion which is both a neutral colour and a solid. As for the sizes you can see I picked the centre piece on the coffee table to be shorter compared to the one on the side table. This keeps the decoration on the side table visible drawing the eye into the room.

Store it for next time

Once the season is done and you feel like the room needs a refresh , store all the pieces with colour or seasonality. This will bring the room back to a neutral canvas and you could figure out how to use the neutral pieces you have to maintain the balance. For example you could see how I reused the elephant and the glass lantern. When the season comes back around the following year you could pull out the same decoration from storage and reuse them. Its like Christmas but year round 🙂

I hope you found this post helpful. Please share with me if you end up refreshing a room in your home , I love to see home decor makeovers. Also , I would love it if you could leave me your feedback in the comments below. I will leave you with some before and after shots , until next time 🙂



  1. Pat
    July 24, 2017 / 2:32 pm

    nice decor you got there and i like the tip of storing for next time or for my case, I sometimes trade with my friends and family just for a change!

    • DanaMacAulay
      July 25, 2017 / 3:03 pm

      That’s a fun idea ! A home decor swap party. I am glad you like the decor

    • DanaMacAulay
      July 28, 2017 / 2:35 pm

      Thank you , I try 🙂